Asus M307 mobile phone from Taiwan

Asus M307 mobile phone from Taiwan


Asus is already a fairly well known name when it comes to computer components, but they’d be one of the last companies you’d think of when it comes to the lucrative cell phone market. Well, the Taiwanese manufacturer is indeed pumping out a mobile handset – the M307 – and it is quite the respectable entry.

The GSM handset isn’t a top-end, far out of your reach, type of phone, but it isn’t a crippled outdated model either. The 2.0 megapixel camera is great, especially considering that it comes with autofocus. Flip open the clamshell to discover a QVGA screen. The M307 can tackle a fair amount of multimedia including music (MP3) and video (Mpeg4), but you’ll probably need to buy a MiniSD card, because there is very limited internal memory – only 4 megabytes in fact.

Measuring 88 x 43 x 22.9mm, the Asus M307 is a good size and comes with an external color display. No word on pricing or availability, but don’t expect this phone to hit North American shores any time soon.