MP3 Wallet from Safa

MP3 Wallet from Safa


Safa has just launched an MP3 player that will ‘foot your bill’. The Korean MP3 player manufacturer has integrated a T-Money payment card in its new T1000 MP3 unit.

The T-Money card functions like a debit card. It is prepaid and can be conveniently used to pay for items bought in various shops. It could also be used to purchase tickets in subways. It is very compact, just the size of a visiting card.

The card functions wirelessly. This means that you could also use it even while it is inside your wallet or bag. All you have to do is place the card or its container infront of the payment panel at the counter. The system would then automatically deduct the purchase price from your card.

Needless to say, Safa’s T1000 MP3 works in a similar manner. Just place your MP3 player near the panel and your hotdog is good to go. Just make sure though, that you have enough credit in your T-Money account. You won’t be able to pay in music, for sure.

Reloading your card is via USB. All you have to do is purchase credit at the T-Money Website.