iPod Vending Machine in the Las Vegas Hilton

iPod Vending Machine in the Las Vegas Hilton


Maybe you hate dealing with pushy salespeople, trying to force you into some overpriced extended warranty plan. Maybe buying online is a little too complicated for you, or you don’t want to wait for shipping. Well, if you happen to be in the Las Vegas Hilton, you can just wander on downstairs and hit up the iPod vending machine.

Okay, so iPods are everywhere already, but I never thought that you’d be able to pick one up from a vending machine the same way you grab a can of soda. From these Zoom Systems machines, you’ll not only be able to get everyone’s favourite glossy white music player, but also loads of accessories. Based on the pictures, things like iTrips and headphones are readily available.

Similar machines have popped up in an airport or two across the country – notably San Francisco International and Hartsfield Atlanta – where sometimes you can even grab a Sony PSP. But you’ve got to wonder: if you’re on vacation and you want a music player, wouldn’t you need to charge the thing up and load it with songs before it can actually be useful?

And how many quarters would you need?