Toughbook Wireless Display, mobile thin client solution from Panasonic

Toughbook Wireless Display, mobile thin client solution from Panasonic


Panasonic has found the missing link between the PDA and the laptop. Ah… actually it is supplying the link by launching the Toughbook Wireless Display.

Although it doesn’t have the dimensions of a PDA, the Panasonic unit certainly outmatches the smaller device in terms of function and computing power. And while laptops have a longer list of features, the Toughbook Wireless Display certainly makes up on the size and weight department.

These features make the Toughbook Wireless Display the ideal portable computing device for healthcare use. Indeed, you wouldn’t want a brick on your lap while ‘making rounds’ do you?

This wireless thin client weighs only 1.18 kg. It’s quite handy, especially when you’re holding a syringe on your other hand. No need to worry too, in case you drop it. The device is built under the strictest military specifications as to durability.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t find any hard drive inside the unit. The Panasonic device relies on software installed in workstations, local servers, or other sources. It works with Windows Server, Citrix Metaframe, and other Web servers that can be accessed through 802.11x Local Wireless Area Networks.

The Toughbook Wireless Display could also be configured to support many users that are linked to only one server, or in a peer-to-peer set up.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth technology, while display is courtesy of a 10.4-inch XGA LCD.

The unit’s release is slated this spring for US $1,750.