Toshiba releases new Core Duo satellite notebooks

Toshiba releases new Core Duo satellite notebooks


Apple and Lenovo are far from being the only Duo Core laptop game in town, and Toshiba is making sure you don’t forget it. The electronics maker is huge on its Satellite notebooks, and is now releasing revitalized versions of its A105 series: S2021, S4001, S4004, and S4014.

At the entry-level end of things, you can get your hands on an A105-S2021. It is only six pounds, but sports a less than fantastic Intel Celeron M Processor 390. You’ll get a good-sized 100GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, integrated Wi-Fi, and ATI Radeon Xpress X200 graphics as well, all for less than $900.

For something a little more powerful, you might want to look into the A105-S4014. For $500 more, you get upgraded to a Core Duo T2400 processor, a full gig of RAM, and a 120GB hard disk drive. Among the other upgrades are a fingerprint reader, Harmon Kardon speakers, a dual-mode pad, and XP Media Center.