Spam Cube is your inbox butler

Spam Cube is your inbox butler


Is 98 percent enough for you? That’s the success rate that the Spam Cube boasts in filtering out unwanted email.

The product name is the same as the company name, and the price tag is US$150. The little 4-inch-square box plugs in between your cable or modem and your router.

The company charges no subscription fee for going through your incoming email and tagging suspect messages with the SPAM, VIRUS, or PHISH tag (with optional filtering into separate folders); but you can buy Security OnDemand service for an annual fee of US$52. This add-on gets you McAfee and Symantec antivirus scans and Spam Cube’s own anti-phishing protocols.

Did we mention it comes in colors? Yes, you can get it in black, gray, titanium, pink, and canary yellow.