PimpStar brings you LED rims for your ride

PimpStar brings you LED rims for your ride


If you want, for whatever reason, to be a pimp star, you don’t have to look any further than the company called PimpStar.

They have some custom wheels that show off your true style. With built in full color LEDs and a wireless modem, you can customize them from your laptop on the go. You can even stick photos, logos or text right on your wheel. The images, of course, appear upright at all times, even when the wheels on your bus are going round and round. You can have the same image on all four wheels or you can put a different look on each corner of your ride. It allows you to save up to six images on each wheel and have them rotate on a preset interval. The wheels are environmentally sealed, so you can drive in the rain, and of course, are powered by the car’s electrical system.

Pimpin’ your ride is not an inexpensive pursuit. It’ll cost you $12,500 for 22 inch rims or you can have 26-inchers for $19,500.