GenNetworks Leo PMP roars like a lion

GenNetworks Leo PMP roars like a lion


There are plenty of PMP options out there for you to choose from, and many of them come from Korean manufacturers that you’ve probably never heard of. GenNetworks fits this description to a T, and they’re uncaging the Leo PMP. Is there anything that sets this king of the jungle apart from the competition?

The screen isn’t huge at 3.5-inches (16.7M colors, 320×240), nor is the 20GB hard drive, but both are adequate for their purposes. Connectivity comes in the way of USB 2.0, and power is drawn from a replaceable lithium ion battery or via the included AC adapter. File format support won’t floor you, but the Leo PMP certainly holds its own.

It’ll take on MPEG4, Xvid, WMV9, DIVX, AVI and others for video, including being able to output the movies in both NTSC and PAL resolutions. Audio support takes your standard MP3 and WMA, but it’s nice to see the love for AC3 and OGG as well. And yes, it will take JPG, GIF, and BMP pics as well.

Conclusion? GenNetworks Leo PMP seems pretty standard issue. It’s no lion, but it ain’t a kitten either. No word on pricing or availability, but this is likely a Korea-only release.