Future gadget can recognize and access any wireless standard

Future gadget can recognize and access any wireless standard


So many new wireless standards keep popping up, not many are compatible with each other so you have to make decisions about what you want to buy. The impact of your choice can have a bigger outcome than you would like.

A group of scientists in Dublin want to change that. Working at the Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research (CTVR), they have developed a software-defined radio. It is a gadget that uses redefinable software to mimic different wireless tools. In other words, it can recognize what standards are available in an area and make them available to you. It can even choose between the different standards to find the one with the fastest service.

“The technology could cut through the myriad of conflicting frequencies and standards that currently control the telecoms industry by allowing future communications devices to jump between them.”

To perform this wireless feat, it receives the signal, converts it to a digital format and then manipulates it with software. The CTVR prototype has been successful in lab tests, so scientists are now taking it out of the lab to give it a real world test.