Fujitsu unveils 200GB 2.5-inch portable HDD

Fujitsu unveils 200GB 2.5-inch portable HDD


Fujitsu wants your notebook computer to perform like your desktop. To do that, they have unveiled the MHV2200BT, a mobile hard disk drive that combines regular high end functionality expected of a HDD with the ability to handle high-end audio and video applications like gaming, video editing, audio recording and DVR functions. It’s a 2.5” serial ATA hard drive with a 200GB capacity. It becomes the first mobile 200GB drive in the world.

The MHV2200BT is able to handle higher level applications because it features a hardware accelerator which maximizes Native Command Queuing, which allows the drive to queue and reorder up to 32 instructions. That significantly increases performance.

Fujitsu has positioned themselves as the leader in the 2.5” SATA drive field. They introduced the first such drive in January of 2004, and introduced a 160GB drive last August which is now being shipped in commercial products. The MHV2200BT will be shipping in the third quarter of this year. No word on price.