Escada takes Siemens SL75, makes it bling

Escada takes Siemens SL75, makes it bling


Limited edition stuff is where it’s at, especially when you can get your grubby little hands on some exclusive blingery. Escada has taken the Siemens SL75 slider phone, coated it in gold, and made it the envy of everyone at Fort Knox.

The features aren’t exactly top of the line, but they are bargain basement entry-level fare either. There’s a 1.3 megapixel shooter that also does video, and you can store all your shots in the 52MB of internal memory. You’ll probably need to make use of the miniSD expansion slot, though, if you want to jam away to some golden oldies with the integrated music player. This tri-band GSM handset can take on GPRS, EDGE, WAP and more; yes, Bluetooth too.

The 99 gram Escada limited edition Siemens SL75 is available now at an exclusive price (i.e., they don’t want to tell you; the same way that high-end jewellery stores hide their price tags).