Cool.Prepaid still cool?

Cool.Prepaid still cool?


In what could be one of the worst cases of flip-flopping outside of politics, it seems that Cool.Prepaid is no longer carrying the Motorola RAZR V3. In fact, they’re not carrying any Motorola phones period.

We just heard last week that the up-start MVNO was rocking the RAZR flip phone and was going to snatch up the super slim SLVR in the near future, but now neither phone is available through the Cool.Prepaid’s online store. When you go to their website, and click on “Buy a Phone”, it’s pretty barren. In fact, the only item there is the lowly SIM card.

According to PhoneScoop, a Motorola spokesperson has gone on the record saying that the company has officially broken ties with Cool.Prepaid, so the MVNO might be in the market for a new device provider some time soon. No one from Cool.Prepaid was available for comment.

A random call to a Sears in NY showed 0 stock of the Motorola V3 RAZR, its price was $319.99. However has 13 left, so if you wan’t to be cool, you may still have a chance.