Texas Instruments invests in Seoul R&D

Texas Instruments invests in Seoul R&D


Korea is a quickly growing hub of advancement when it comes to all things portable, mobile, or both. While we were still school-aged children, most of us would think of Texas Instruments as a calculator-maker, but the company does far more than pump out number crunchers, and they want to continue to develop new technologies. That is why the American-based company is set to invest $23.5 million (USD) into research and development in Korea by 2010.

TI is set to open an R&D center in Seoul tomorrow, with the intention of researching and developing wireless platforms. They haven’t indicated exactly what direction this research will be taking, but I guess it’s still a little too early on to start selling what you haven’t even made yet.

Texas Instruments has said, though, that they will be working with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) for wireless multimedia solutions – KAIST will handle the core technology, and TI will work on making it commercially viable (and profitable).