Tango! device teaches “Augmentative and Alternative Communication”

Tango! device teaches “Augmentative and Alternative Communication”


The English language is probably one of the most difficult tongues to learn for those trying to tackle it for the very first time. The process is quite difficult for children, but even more challenging for those who are hearing or speech impaired. Now AbleNet has developed an “Augmentative and Alternative Communcation” (AAC; no, not the audio format) device called the Tango! that can create simple sentences based on a number of icons.

There are predetermined phrases built into the device already, but the kicker is the ability to dream up your own using the intuitive interface. If the vocabulary available in the unit out of the box doesn’t suffice, there is also an on-board camera that you can use. Snap a picture of, say, the family pet, have someone record the phrase to accompany (which can also be made into a simulated child’s voice), and the picture becomes an icon for that phrase.

Expansion also comes in the way of USB, CF, and SD. There is also a keyboard available, and later on, connectivity with mobile phones. A great learning tool comes at a great (as in huge) price, however. The Ablenet Tango! retails for $6899.