SavitMicro tunes any laptop to DMB

SavitMicro tunes any laptop to DMB


Mobile television isn’t as big here in North America just yet, but it has absolutely exploded in Korea. DMB isn’t just for cell phones and PMPs anymore, either, because SavitMicro has developed a USB dongle that allows any laptop computer to catch the latest DMB programming on a screen substantially larger than any handset.

Well, not any laptop, but so long as you have at least a 1GHz Pentium 4, you should be just fine. The EUD 3200, as it has been dubbed, picks up everything in Band II (174 – 240 MHz), and is capable of getting you high quality video (MPEG-4/H.264) and audio (MUSICAM and MPEG-4/BSAC).

Unfortunately, there is the big unsightly (but retractable) 12.5 cm antenna on this thing: a necessary evil to be able to pick up the best signal no matter where you are. We haven’t come across any information regarding pricing or availability yet, so stay tuned, as it were.