MSI gives us the solar-powered MP3 Mega Player 540

MSI gives us the solar-powered MP3 Mega Player 540


MSI had versatility in mind when it designed the successor to its Mega Player 521. The Mega Player 540 promises ease of use despite featuring a wide array of functions.

Although the unit can store a few of your music tracks and image files in its 4GB hard disk drive, you might want to tune in to the radio for a change. This is possible with the Mega Player 540 as it has an integrated FM tuner.

You could listen to your own crooning too by using its built-in voice recorder. Its Language Learning feature also enables you to repeat selected sections of music tracks. This is quite handy if you’re the type who can’t seem to get the lyrics right. Direct CD player or FM radio recording is also allowed.

During those rare moments when you don’t want to listen to music, how about browsing photos instead? The Mega Player 540’s Photo Browser supports JPEG image files and features a slideshow function. You can use is as a temporary storage device too when your digital camera is full. Simply move images from your digicam to the 540’s internal hard disk drive.

With all these features, you might worry about battery mileage. MSI provides a built-in solution to that problem by integrating a solar cell to run the unit and to recharge its battery. Just leave it on the dash to collect some rays.

The unit supports various types of audio formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, and WMA with DRM. Other features include USB 2.0 connectivity, and SRS WOW sound effect.