Garmin’s GPSMAP 478 and 378 are nautical

Garmin’s GPSMAP 478 and 378 are nautical


You don’t need to consult the stars, or worse, wish on them anymore for directions.

Garmin International introduces the GPSMAP 378 and GPSMAP 478, two GPS units which feature comprehensive maps of the United States’ terrestrial and fluvial domains.

Sailing through the country’s coastline? You could fold those maps as Garmin’s GPSMAP 478 features with built-in Marine Detail Charts. Navigating would become a less daunting task with this device as it also illustrates port plans, depth outlines, and others.

If you are more inclined to sail on fresh waters, the GPSMAP 378 provides a detailed chart with a 10-meter resolution of over 3200 lakes in the United States. The maps also provide depth outline information, as well as wrecks, and USCG lights. Shoreline resolution is at 50 meters.

Both units are excellent companions on the road. Whether you’re in an inter-state trip or a cross-country one to Canada or Puerto Rico, the GPSMAP 378 and 478 will be able to provide you with an accurate illustration of the place where you’re going or passing by through MapSource City Navigator NT.

If you’re a weather enthusiast, the GXM 30 antenna (add on) enables you to view XM WX Satellite Weather information. It allows you to tune in to over 150 channels of free sports, music, news and other entertainment shows too.

Both devices could resist water intrusion for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water.

The Garmin GPS units will be released in late May, each costing US $1,199.99.