Big business to embrace VoIP, eventually

Big business to embrace VoIP, eventually


VoIP will be a major force in the enterprise communications market, according to a recent report from Research and Markets. But it won’t happen overnight. Rather, the report asserts, the transition from traditional telephony to IP communication will progress at a gradual rate.

The communication method is still rather new to a majority of businesses around the world, especially those in the enterprise market. Skype and such have made VoIP an attractive option for individuals, but it will take some time for VoIP to catch on in a big way in big markets, the report asserts.

The report also references the willingness of European markets to embrace hosted VoIP because of a more disparate telecom market than that to be found in the U.S. American markets, on the other hand, prefer to implement VoIP technologies internally. But markets in both areas are expected to embrace the technology full-bore in a handful of years, as such connections become more stable, reliable, secure, and easier to implement.