Retro speaker set rocks USB input

Retro speaker set rocks USB input


Here’s a fresh change of pace. There are far too many speaker sets out there that come in silky smooth, glossy white designs, and as tacky as the retro-styled unit from Evergreen may appear, I kind of like it. And get this, it isn’t designed specifically for the player from Steve Jobs either; instead there is a USB port in the front of the speaker set for you to plug in any pre-loaded thumb drive or MP3 player.

The Evergreen DN-MPS100 will also take conventional analog input/output from its terminals in the back, or a set of headphones for a private jamming session. Of course, a speaker set this size – 225 x 132 x 110 mm – won’t be filling any concert halls, but the 7 watt x 2 channel output is adequate for some reasonable sound quality.

Weighing in at 3.3 pounds, the Evergreen DN-MPS100 will start shipping in Japan (no North American date announced) today with a price tag of about $67 USD.