Intel Inside campaign for cell phones

Intel Inside campaign for cell phones


The Intel Inside marketing campaign is all too familiar to any of us rocking a notebook or PC, because there’s a good chance there’s an Intel chip housed in there. It seems the chip maker is trying to make a similar wave in the lucrative mobile phone market now as well, because they are aggressively marketing cell phone makers to throw an Intel badge somewhere on the package.

The company has been trying to break into the mobile handset world since 2000, but now that there are so many cell phones that have almost home computer-like functions – namely all the smartphones and Blackberry-esque devices on the market – Intel is really starting to make a name for itself in that realm.

There isn’t as much space available on a cell phone to throw on badges, so Intel will have to be satisfied with seeing its logo on the boxes the handsets come in, for the most part. There’s an incentive for the phone makers as well, because Intel would be more than willing to pay for the real estate, and hey, who can complain about bonus revenue?