Gummi Lenses make cameraphones fun

Gummi Lenses make cameraphones fun


You’ll be the life of the party, going around taking goofy pictures of all your friends with your Gummi Lens Full Selection Pack. You’ll get six stick-on lens attachments – now that the shooters on cameras are breaking the 1 megapixel threshold, these might actually be useful – in a variety of fun, vibrant colors.

Take it all in with the wide angle attachment, or get in really close with the macro lens. Feeling a little artsy? Then throw on the vignette attachment that allows for a clearly focused center, surrounded by soft focus.

But who wants to use standard-issue lenses, when the last three attachments in the pack are this much fun. Stick on the kaleidoscope or starburst effect lenses for a good laugh, or get a funhouse mirror effect with the stretch lens.

The Gummi Lens Full Selection Pack from BoysStuff (yes, you girls can use this too, sheesh) retails for $26.