Amateur lie-detecting device from Mindstorm

Amateur lie-detecting device from Mindstorm


Is this for one of the kids or for dad?

Mindstorms has just released a lie-detecting device called the Galvanic Skin Response Sensor. Does the name of the gadget sound intimidating? If so, all that fades away once you see its ‘packaging’.

The Galvanic Skin Response Sensor works by determining the amount of sweat in your hands and measure its resistance to electricity. You don’t have to worry about getting fried though. The device runs on batteries and not on AC. So I guess you’ll have to worry more on being grilled by the interrogator.

The unit functions on the premise that people sweat more when they tell false tales. Conversely, you’ll have dry hands for sure when you’re telling the truth or when you’re not stressed out. I guess anti-sweat rolls have some other use after all.

While the idea of being grilled for your past (and present) sins is terrifying, the device is actually encased in a playful package that resembles a typical LEGO block. But its appeal to 3 year olds ends there.

The unit is actually made up of aluminum foil velcro strips. These strips are then connected to an RCX control brick via a 9V wire.

While this may not actually be the lie detector that FBI agents have in mind, Mindstorms’ Galvanic Skin Response Sensor is perfect for the budding sleuth with a budding budget.