SlingPlayer Mobile beta now available

SlingPlayer Mobile beta now available


If you have a SlingBox, you probably love it. You will love it even more now that SlingPlayer Mobile for Pocket PC is available. It allows you to watch whatever live and recorded video you have at home on your Windows Mobile device. Like all things SlingBox, there is no ongoing fee associated with the service. If you can watch it at home, you can watch it on the go. All you have to pay for is the data charges.

SlingPlayer Mobile has been released on a beta trial. Once you download it, it will work for 30 days. After that you have to pay $30 to keep it going. It will be included free with any new SlingBox bought before April 26. After you own the SlingBox and have the software, you won’t have to pay anything anymore.

Wireless carriers don’t love SlingBox because it trumps their own TV offerings, but they will still make money selling the data transmission, so they should let it happen. Here’s to hoping, anyway.