Sims 2 offers virtual life on cell phone

Sims 2 offers virtual life on cell phone


Sometimes real life can get pretty boring. Waking up, brushing your teeth, going to school… it’s so mundane. Now you can liven up that commute by accessing a virtual life on your cell phone, Sims 2 by Electronic Arts is going mobile. There are going to be two versions of the game available: the regular ol’ Sims 2 and the Connected Edition.

Available for download through Verizon Wireless’ Get It Now service, Sims 2 lets you live a complete life outside of your own, customizing everything about your character, from the clothes that he wears to the friends that he makes.

Electronic Arts has designed the mobile version of its popular simulation title to make use of “sensitive one thumb game play”, but EA promises that nothing has been compromised, and there is still a complete Sims experience to be had.

Sims 2 can be had for $3.99/month or $7.99 unlimited, whereas the Connection Edition is $4.99/month or $9.99 unlimited.