LG Chocolate phone leaves Korea

LG Chocolate phone leaves Korea


LG’s Chocolate phone is one hot commodity in its home Korea, both the white and dark chocolate variations, and now it seems the popular slider is actually going to find its way into the North American and European market some time soon. Imagine that, a Korean product that everyone drools over that actually leaves the country… Amazing!

Its feature set complements its sleek looks quite well. The 0.6-inch handset sports a 2-inch QVGA display, and there is 512MB of memory to be found on board. Heck, this thing has even won awards for being environmentally friendly.

No word on which carrier is going to add the LG handset to its collection, and because the cell phone manufacturer makes both GSM and CDMA versions, it makes the guesswork even more difficult. What we do know is that Europe will be treated to the GSM Chocolate phone in May, with a North American launch “some time this year.”