Home networking for the technologically-challenged

Home networking for the technologically-challenged


Setting up a wireless network at home can seem like a piece of cake to some, but for others, it is quite the daunting task to get all your computers, security cameras, and media extenders all connected to one another. Threshold Corporation is streamlining the process with the announcement of its new Home Server, “combining a number of new technologies into a single networking appliance.”

This handy little box seems to be able to take it all on, from offering an Ethernet hub and 802.11b/g connections to containing a web and email server. There are a couple of USB 2.0 ports as well, in addition to a WINS, NAS, and DNS server.

Adding new devices to the XScale-powered Home Server is easy. You just place the compatible wireless device on the “Blue Spot” and the server will automatically recognize “the device and what type of service it requires, assigns it an address, and adds it to the network.”

The Model 1 Home Server will go on sale this October, priced at “less than $300”, with Model 2 (with a larger LCD, POTS/VoIP, and internal PBX/voicemail/fax) and Model 3 (with multimedia server and built-in hard drive) iterations launching a little further down the road.