Advanced fingerprint reader on LG laptops

Advanced fingerprint reader on LG laptops


Plain Jane biometric technology isn’t particularly newsworthy anymore, with something as small as a USB flash drive making use of a thumb reader, but tiny imperfections in the skin can make those “lesser” devices not recognize the proper owner. That is why a new set of LG laptop computers are going to make use of AuthenTec’s award winning TruePrint technology, a biometric solution that can get past dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin.

The electronics giant plans on implementing the finger-reader in its M1, P1, S1, and T1 EXPRESS DUAL notebook models, allowing users to easily bypass the mess of remembering passwords. Just slide your finger across the reader, and you’re ready to go onto your protected files and internet website accounts.

This is all thanks to the only “sub-surface based solution on the market today”, so if you happen to be lacking in the moisturizer that day, or you got yourself a paper cut, TruePrint will still know who you are.

No word on when these new notebooks will be hitting the market.