Tinpod cases protect your iPod in style

Tinpod cases protect your iPod in style


Arguably one of the most popular cases for iPods through the ages has been the custom made Altoids-case. The DIY project has been floating around the internet for some time now, but not everyone has the know-how or the time to dedicate to such a project. Well Tinpod has taken the Altoid-case idea, and thrown on some killer illustrations from Kurt Ketchum, and is selling three fun cases for the iPod.

It’s a little funny that they’re marketing it as able to “fit most iPods”, because there really is no way you’re going to want to put your shuffle or nano in here, but the 3G, 4G, and 5G models will fit quite comfortably. The outside is, of course, made of tin, but there is enough neoprene lining on the inside to protect your media player from the usual bumps, drops, and scratches. There is also an earphone port.

They’re only making 5000 in each series, so they’re rather limited edition. You can get one for $16.95, or a pair for $29.95.