Signeo MP3 player doubles as recorder

Signeo MP3 player doubles as recorder


Want an MP3 player that doubles as an MP3 recorder? Signeo has that little number, the SN-A250.

It’s Flash-based, as are most new offerings these days, and it sports up to 1GB of storage. (You can get a 256MB model as well.)

How many songs can you put on this little device? Depends on how long the songs are and the quality you choose. We know that you can store up to 18 hours of MP3, WMA, or WAV files.

Did we mention the radio function? You can tune in to FM stations, too. Last but not least is the line-in functionality. The SN-A250 can record from a CD or from an MD player.

It’s on sale in Japan in the next few days, with the 1GB model going for the equivalent of US$170.