NEC phone made of bioplastic

NEC phone made of bioplastic


Green isn’t always green. Sometimes, it’s pink.

This rather confusing statement describes two elements of a new mobile phone resulting from a partnership between NEC and UNITIKA. It’s the N701iECO, and the last three letters are the key. It’s ECO-friendly, with a bioplastic made of kenaf fibers. Kenaf is a crop related to cotton and okra and can be used to make paper, leaving trees out of the equation. Apparently, it can also be used to make phones.

So you buy this phone because you’re eco-friendly and then a few months or years from now, when you see another phone that you want, you recycle this one, only this one is easier to recycle because it’s made of an organic material. Some experts foresee computers made of kenaf as well.

As to the specs, it’s a 3G UMTS phone, it has a Maicovicon camera and miniSD, and it is otherwise remarkably similar to the existing N701i. Where it shines, however, is in its commitment to the environment, reinforced by built-in images and screensavers that illustrate trees, plants, and other greenery.