Leadtek Momo is an all-in-one device

Leadtek Momo is an all-in-one device


Convergence products are all the rage these days, with mobile phones that double as music players and PDAs that double as cell phones. Leadtek of Taiwan is taking the technology one step further by releasing the Momo, a device that, on the surface, looks like your run of the mill portable multimedia player, but look a little further and find a whole slew of other hot features and functions.

Of course, it will play back a wide variety of audio and video formats on its not-so-big 1.8-inch display, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Tired of your music library? Just switch to the FM radio to hear what the DJs are playing. Not so interested in the movie you just loaded up onto the Momo? No problem, just flip on the digital video camcorder and make a flick of your own; it’ll take stills with its digital camera capabilities as well. Of course they don’t mention what kind of resolution you can expect.

There’s 20GB of memory to be found on-board, with an SD card expansion slot just in case. Interestingly, you can see just a glimmer of a green text box in the bottom of the spec sheet shot from AVING that seemingly indicates that the Momo is also an IP phone. Wow. No word on pricing or availability.