GEiL armband MP3 player with wireless headphones

GEiL armband MP3 player with wireless headphones


Nearly all small form-factor MP3 players these days either come with an armband accessory, or one is available for purchase. Armbands are great for when you’re at the gym or going for a run, and now GEiL of Taiwan has made an audio player that is built right into a flexy-looking armband.

Unveiled at CeBIT 2006, the look of GEiL’s MP3 player is sporty, especially with the bright orange highlights. Based on the photos(and filenames), it seems to come with a pair of wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones as well, which is absolutely perfect for when you’re out there doing something active. No wire connecting your bicep to your ear; nothing to get in your way during your rock climbing excursion.

No word on how much GEiL’s armband DAP will be when it hits the market sometime in Q3; heck, I can’t even decipher the name of the actual product itself. Any Korean readers want to help us out on this one?