Audi vehicles to offer Harman/Kardon iPod kit

Audi vehicles to offer Harman/Kardon iPod kit


The details are still a little sketchy at this point, but according to Akihabara News, Harman/Kardon is making an iPod connection kit specifically for the Audi (not sure which model or models) that makes use of an LCD control screen and a unique control knob.

Based on the supplied picture, it seems that this iPod connector combo is composed of four distinct parts: an LCD control screen mounted on the dash that duplicates what would be seen on the iPod’s display itself; a nifty spaceship-looking control knob that seems to take the place of the standard clickwheel; the BrainBox that orchestrates it all, sending the audio signal to your car speakers; and of course, the Apple iPod itself.

This set up seems to be great for controlling your music while on the go, because the control is down near your shift knob (careful not to confuse the music control with your shifter, of course) but the display is right in your regular line of sight, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while changing up your playlist. And because it’s being made by Harman/Kardon, you can feel pretty confident about the quality of this product.