Six speakers crammed in a set of headphones

Six speakers crammed in a set of headphones


WaveOn isn’t going to win any awards for the aesthetic design of its ‘aon, but the USB headphones certainly are innovative, shoving six speakers in there for true 7.1 channel sound. According to, each ear will be treated to a speaker dedicated front/center, one for the rear, and, of course, the all important subwoofer.

The MCH-501U (you can see what they’d rather just call it the ‘aon) was demonstrated by the Korean company at CeBIT, but for whatever reason, they flew under the radar until now.

There isn’t that much out there that is being produced in 7.1, but that doesn’t mean that WaveOn’s headphones are pointless. In fact, there is “DTS Neo PC” certification, which effectively allows you to convert your standard two channel or 5.1 channel audio, allowing you to enjoy your music or movies (or gun blasts in the case of Half Life) in 7.1 surround sound. You can even connect the ‘aon to your home theatre via the optical power port.

They will cost around $90 US, which makes us wonder if these can actually be as good as they look.