Samsung packs 4GB in moviNAND

Samsung packs 4GB in moviNAND


There’s no denying that Samsung is an absolute giant in the electronics market, be it the realm of cell phones, portable media players, or portable storage. Well the Korean behemoth is at it again, creating moviNAND, which combines an MMC v.4 controller with up to 4 gigabytes of NAND flash memory.

Showcased at the Samsung Mobile Solution Forum in Taipei, they say that this technology simplifies “system design requirements for embedded non-volatile storage.” Applications will be far reaching, as MMC is an open standard, so expect Samsung to work on implementing moviNAND into everything from digital cameras to “small form-factor PCs” (UMPCs?).

Transfer rates are impressive, with speeds up to 52 megabytes per second, which is great for multimedia applications. Comparible to their Flash notebook storage solution. Storing and retrieving video, as well as other high demand formats should be a piece of cake.

Samsung is also quick to mention that it expects $300 million in sales for 2006, with a substantial leap forward to $5.3 billion by 2008.