Polymer Vision concept screen rolls up

Polymer Vision concept screen rolls up


How do you pack a significantly bigger screen onto a phone or PDA without making the thing the size of a phonebook? If Polymer Vision can turn their concept into reality you’ll just roll it out.

The company has created a completely flexible, rollable screen. When it is rolled up it is just 7.5 mm thick, but it rolls out to make a screen of 4.8-inches. At this point the resolution isn’t as good as you would get on a smaller screen, just 240 x 320, but there are a lot of circumstances where I would happily trade sharpness in picture for something I can look at without squinting.

Polymer Vision is looking at all sorts of applications for the screen. Everything from phones to PDAs and GPS could benefit from having a much bigger screen that doesn’t add any more bulk to the device. You could even have two screens – a small one for quick viewing and a larger one you roll out for extended use. It’s just a concept, but it opens some exciting possibilities.