Phlash adds flash to camera phones

Phlash adds flash to camera phones


In the world of camera phones, there’s flash and then there’s Phlash. The former is what you wish you had half the time; the latter is what you can now have.

Phlash is exactly what its name suggests: a photo flash. It’s for camera phones, and it’s made by Foxen Holdings, a company out of Los Angeles.

Now you can have brighter pictures in the palm of your hand. Phlash is one inch wide and can be attached to your camera phone. All you have to do is coordinate pressing the Phlash button with pressing the shutter button on your camera phone. The rest is photographic history.

Already have a flash on your camera phone? The makers of Phlash say that their product is 12 times brighter than any built-in flash.

The technology allows for full-frame lighting that eliminates hotspots and washouts and balances color all around. It is specifically designed for closeups in which a camera phone specializes. In other words, the range of optimal performance is one meter.

Phlash is available now. Its retail price is US$29.99.