iLuv gives iPod up to 55 extra hours of lovin’

iLuv gives iPod up to 55 extra hours of lovin’


Like most portable DVD players on the market, the iPod Video puts out a measly two hours of life, rendering the 30 or 60 gigabytes of storage virtually useless unless you plan on watching your movies with the glossy video player in its charging dock the whole time. Well, iLuv has come out with the i603 and i604, which give the iPod Video up to an extra 42 and 55 hours of life, respectively.

This is incredible, effectively giving you nearly 30X as much juice as what the media player is capable of out of the box. Going on a flight? Cruising on a cross-country road trip? Now that $300 iPod you bought as actually useful for those purposes.

iLuv has also produced a pair of similar products for the miniscule iPod nano. The i601 and i602 can give the tiny player up to 50 hours of extra battery life. Retail prices start at around $85.