Electric sports car packs 200hp

Electric sports car packs 200hp


Not to take away anything from all those hybrids hitting the market these days that are making more power than their full-gasoline counterparts, but if you want to be truly green, burning any petrol whatsoever is still not completely environmentally friendly. One of the major speedbumps in the way of full-electric vehicles making their way into the mainstream is the fact that they typically don’t make enough power. Not anymore, it seems, because the AC Propulsion tzero has a 0-62mph time of just 4.1 seconds, putting out an impressive 200hp.

This makes it the world’s fastest electric vehicle, according to the company, thanks in part to its incredible lightweight construction. What this means is that the power put out by the electric motor is used more efficiently – it doesn’t have as much weight to move.

Unfortunately, you can’t drive the tzero for very long before needing to recharge its batteries: if you drive at a constant 60mph, you’ll only get to go 100 miles before you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. This is fine for a short daily commute, or a quick sprint through the mountain passes, but don’t expect to go on a cross-country roadtrip in this £125,000 roadster. It also doesn’t help that AC Propulsion’s vehicle has not yet been approved for production.