Cool.Prepaid features slick RAZR and SLVR


    Cool.Prepaid has officially been around since last October, but now the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is finally getting around to giving its brand a real marketing push. Cool.Prepaid has a close relationship with Motorola and will now carry the phonemaker’s two most popular handsets: the incredibly slim RAZR and SLVR (L2, L6 and L7). In fact, the service provider only carries Motorola mobile phones.

    Designed with budget in mind, Cool.Prepaid only charges 10 cents a minute — the same rate as Net10 — but there is an extra 30 cent a day charge as well. That said, other cheap MVNOs stick to the bargain-basement handsets, and Cool.Prepaid is hoping to distinguish itself by offering, well, cool phones. Interestingly, this SLVR will not do iTunes but will “be associated with a different major music store.”

    Among the other additions to the Cool.Prepaid family are the Moto C139, C261, V176, and V235. If Motorola isn’t your cup of tea, or if you’re an international traveller, Cool.Prepaid also offers a SIM-only service, letting any unlocked GSM phone hop onto its network (which piggybacks on Cingular), though if your handset doesn’t do 850MHz, you may want to look elsewhere.