Audi launches TT teaser

Audi launches TT teaser


More information is starting to present itself about the next-generation TT coupe, and it certainly helps that this new information isn’t simply internet fodder: it’s coming straight from the automaker itself. A teaser website has been set up by Audi pumping up the next TT – at – but of course, we already know a few things about this car.

We found out a full ten days ago that the new car would likely come in three different form factors.

The coupe is probably of primary interest, but it won’t be until April 6th that Audi unveils some proper pictures of the new TT. If you’re looking to see the actual vehicle itself, that will have to wait until September at the Paris Motor Show. The bolder lines still grasp the appeal of the original TT, but it is said that this new version makes use of an all new platform.

Look for engines ranging from an already impressive 2.0 litre going 197hp, to a “too much power for its own good” 3.5-litre V6.