ScanR’s cellphone scanning service gets a clear picture

ScanR’s cellphone scanning service gets a clear picture


Silicon Valley-based ScanR has announced that it has acquired US$4.65 million to help make itself known in the cell phone–scanner market.

Have dozens of photos of documents or whiteboards from your camera phone that you want to print out but can’t because they’re too lo-res? ScanR can help.

The company is known as a Web-based scanner service that specializes in making clean and readable versions of poor-quality photos and files. Just email them your snapshot of a peice of paper, board drawing or what have you and they’ll clean it up and send it back. They have just upgraded their service to offer you pdf files tagged with keywords, these make it easy to search for things within your documents.

The service is free, for now. Later on they may charge a $3-5 monthly fee, but right now they’re just looking to get a chunk of that $35 billion scanning, faxing and copying market.