Cell phone-optimized Wikipedia now available

Cell phone-optimized Wikipedia now available


What did we ever do before the internet? Remember when you still had to go through volumes and volumes of encyclopedias to find little tidbits of information? Do you remember making use of a paperback almanac to play “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”? Those days are long behind us now, especially thanks to sites like Wikipedia, and now the ultimate reference site is being offered in a cell-phone optimized version.

The version is incredibly simplified, helping you keep the data transfers to a minimum while keeping your knowledge to a maximum. Instinct, based out of New Zealand, has made it all possible. The interface is graphic free, but the information is all there, including both internal and external links. The only thing missing is all the multimedia that you would normally find accompanying the site.

So the next time you get stuck while playing Trivial Pursuit, you can easily waltz into the bathroom or say you have to take “an important call”, and school all your opponents with all your insane Wiki knowledge.