Toyota unveils hybrid Lexus sedan

Toyota unveils hybrid Lexus sedan


Toyota has rolled out a hybrid Lexus sedan in Japan. Sales of this new vehicle in the U.S. will commence in April.

The model is the GS450h, and the automaker says it is the first of its kind: a hybrid power system designed directly for real-wheel-drive vehicles. The two power sources are a 3.5-litre V6 gasoline engine and an electric motor. Toyota says the power comparison is to that of a 4.5-litre vehicle and the fuel economy comparison is to that of a 2-litre enging. Translated, that’s 33 miles a gallon.

A hybrid model of the Lexus LS sedan is planned as well. Both are expected to sell for well above gasoline-only vehicles. Toyota, however, plans to significantly increase the number of hybrid vehicles it offers in the coming years; and analysts say that that should cause prices to drop.