Motorola ups the ante in China

Motorola ups the ante in China


Generally speaking, if you want to make it big, you’re not going to be able to do it all by yourself. Whether this means partnering up with other companies to produce the best product, or just making friends with potential customers, there is usually someone else involved.

China is a booming market, especially for telecom solutions, and now Motorola is making headway into the country by announcing investments in three large Chinese organizations: Shanghai New Margin Venture Capital Enterprise, Shenzhen Shenxun Information Technology Development Co. Ltd. (SXIT), and Legend Silicon Corp.

These strategic partnerships will aid in Motorola’s efforts to tap into this growing economy, not only in the realm of mobile phones, but also all the new technology and infrastructure needed to “provide seamless mobility solutions to our customers in China,” according to Motorola Equity Investing corporate vice president Warren Holtsberg. “Motorola is branching out to new businesses.”

These new partnerships will hopefully result in innovations in LBS, enterprise solutions, A-GPS, mobile TV, 3G applications, and a whole slew of other technologies that will surely be attractive to the Chinese public.