Motorola PEBL’s new ‘candy’ colors

Motorola PEBL’s new ‘candy’ colors


Motorola has shed off the mysterious look of its PEBL unit by making it available in four new vibrant colors – green, pink, teal and orange. The previous PEBL has a sleek metal finish. However, the addition of these new colors has not removed the sophistication that comes from its distinctive fluid oval contour.

Adding to the Motorola U6 PEBL’s elegance is its dual hinge apparatus that enables the unit to close and open in one smooth motion. The U6 PEBL is not just a visual feast though as its features and functions back up its sleek design.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth wireless technology. It also supports GPRS Class 10 Internet access and WAP 2.0. That long bus ride to work or school won’t be so boring now as you could download games, MP3 ringtones and cool screensavers.

Do you have three to four “Michaels” or “Patricias” in your phonebook? Say goodbye to your confusion as the Motrola U6 PEBL displays the picture of the person who is calling. It also doubles as a VGA still camera, and triples as an MPEG4 video recorder.

Motorola has also incorporated features for activities that are commonly done on the Internet such as instant messaging and e-mail functions and capabilities.

Composing messages is a breeze, thanks to the device’s enhanced predictive text technology. Other features include a speaker independent voice dial and voice memo.

The new PEBL variants are expected to be available in in stores by July 2006.