LG Bluetooth headset is a handset all on its own

LG Bluetooth headset is a handset all on its own


Here’s a device that makes you go, “Huh?” Sure, not everyone likes the appearance of Bluetooth headsets – I remember when they first came out, even I thought they were rather goofy-looking – but now that they have become so common, seeing someone wear one doesn’t command a second glance.

For whatever reason, LG is releasing a P7 “inspired” Bluetooth headset that is big enough (4.3 inches long) to be a handset all on its own. The Style-i is not capable of making calls on its own, but it can bond with up to three “real” handsets at any given time. There’s eight hours of use to be had on a single charge, with up to 200 hours of standby.

You can keep your blinging (and more expensive) PDA phone or what-have-you in your pocket, purse, or duffle bag and still make and receive calls, without attracting the attention of muggers. Keeping your pricey handset hidden away won’t come cheap though, as the non-hands-free headset LG Style-i will retail for $149.99.