Griffin releases three new PSP peripherals

Griffin releases three new PSP peripherals


Up to now, we have known Griffin as the company that has made tons of third party peripherals for your iPod. Well, now they’ve branched out and they’ve gone into the much less crowded field of third-party makers of Sony PSP peripherals. They have made it possible to receive and transmit radio on your PSP without having to mod your system with two new products.

The first is the iFM PSP radio tuner and remote. If you want to send instead of receive, then you will be looking for the iTrip PSP radio transmitter, which slides right onto the bottom of the PSP and lets you use your car or home speakers instead of the little ones on the device. Both options look to be nicely integrated with the PSP, so they aren’t too ugly to use. Each one will cost you $50.

If that seems a bit expensive, maybe you’ll be more interested in the SmartShare PSP headphone splitter. It’ll cost you $15. All three options are available now.