FCC gives go-ahead to LG MG810 slim flip

FCC gives go-ahead to LG MG810 slim flip


Don’t let LG hear you say that they’re just cloning the Motorola RAZR, but the FCC has just given the go-ahead to the Korean manufacturer’s slim flip phone, the MG810/810c/810d. This tri-band GSM/GPRS handset is pretty sleek looking, but it clearly is reminiscent of Moto’s dominating offering.

Not too much is known about this phone yet, but it is an amazing 14.6 mm thin. No complaints here. You’ll also get a run of the mill 1.3 megapixel camera, complete with flash and video recording capabilities. As with pretty well any half-decent cell phone these days, this LG also supports Bluetooth. Something that will set this handset apart is the fact that its external media keys (hence MP3 playback?) respond not to you pressing them, per se, but rather to the heat from your fingers. Cold clammy hands need not apply.

No word on pricing, but it seems the LG MG810 will be shipping in “less than six months.”