Zettabyte iUpload, CDA-to-MP3 converter for iPod

Zettabyte iUpload, CDA-to-MP3 converter for iPod


Zettabyte from Taiwan may have just produced the next fad in iPod accessories.

The iUpload converts and transfers music from a regular CD to your iPod in MP3 format. You’ll surely appreciate this innovation. After all, don’t you find it weird that you have to have a bulky device like a desktop or a laptop just to transfer a very small file into an equally tiny device?

This device from Zettabyte will also save you from using all your ten fingers when changing or revising your playlist as everything is automatic. Song-tagging is not a manual exercise anymore as it is already directly done through an Internet link.

Uploading data is done via USB. It also has the ability to play music in CDA and MP3 format. It should support other MP3 players, however it is being marketed right now for the iPod.

The company believes that they’re the first in the world to come up with the technology. We haven’t seen anything like it yet so they could be right.

Zettabyte expects to release iUpload units within the year.